Saturday, 15 March 2014

A journey in pictures

It's not all grim. This week my 'just ride into work and back' training landed on the most beautiful March day. The season is on the turn and this week it was already light when I left. So, no moaning about the weather, saddle up and go. This was a treat of a ride. 

Glodwick as the sun comes up, with the hills beyond.

Charlesworth, and I'm really out of the city.

Above New Mills and the hills of the Peak District ahead.

More Peaks. Amazing light.
Long Hill looking wonderful in the sunshine. Not as Long.

Then obviously, there's the riding home part. Be knackered.
Be surprised that the bike keeps going.
Take advantage of a pretty sundown.

New Mills looking to Manchester.
Then onwards into the the sodium lights and home.
Well, that was a long day. 

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