Wednesday, 26 March 2014

It's all about the bike

This is the bike I collected last Saturday morning. I was so excited that there was no traditional Saturday morning lie in for Chipps. We were on the train to Manchester first thing before the Saturday shoppers' rush. Before 11am, the man at Evans had said, to beat the crowds.

And here she is…. all the bells and whistles. I am still stunned that I could possibly own such a gorgeous piece of engineering. She's light as a feather, carbon all over. I've never owned a proper road bike so much of her is a mystery. But my first spin, just out of the door and round the block is of speed, put your foot down and she shoots away, wherever you want to be carried.

Everything about her is optimal, neat, right for a bike that wants to go the miles. I pop up onto a kerb and drop back off onto the road. No worries, we can take the cobbles with the smooth. Her Di2 gears whirr gently and put me into precisely the right gear. Nothing is too much, too difficult. We want to stop here? We stop. We want to go? We go. And we don't stop. It amazes me how well she carries speed. Inject just a little acceleration downhill here and she'll eat the following incline up. Magic.

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